Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Great Adventures of THE PK

Last night was Friday and I had the night off which only happens once in the bluest of moons so Peter and I decided to venture over to Honky Tonk Happy Hour at the Empty Bottle. This event takes place every Friday and we used to go all the time before I started working Friday nights. The Hoyle Brothers play two sets over the course of 3 hours and we dance our tushies off. Our friend Jason joined in the festivities and I taught him how to two step. Also surprisingly everyone thinks Peter and I are the best dancers. I had more than one couple ask me if we taught lessons. My one piece of advice for dancers is just "look" like you're having fun. It's best to really have fun but if you fake it till you make it then no one knows the difference. Truth be told Peter and I miss a lot of steps and generally flub up a few moves a dance but no one can tell because we are having such a good time we look amazing. After the merriment of Honky Tonkin' we three decided to grab a bite to eat and then find more dancing. This is one of the travesties of Chicago. There are not any many country bars to go two steppin' in. So we headed down to an area I like to call the crotch. It is the intersection of Milkwalkee, North, and Damen. Also not the best place to find a good place for honky tonkin' but low and behold we came across a great live brass band. This is the second time Peter and I have stumbled upon a brass band in the rarest of places. Last time was at the rib fest that is held just a bit north of our neighborhood sometime in June or July. That band was called the Four Star Brass Band and they were great. However this band last night was FANTASTIC. The B.S. Brass Band and they were playing at Nick's Bergarten of all places. Usually that bar is one of the lamer parts of the area as it is open to 4 AM and the last hope for many jerky guys looking for that late night hook up. But last night there were a slew of music lovers come out to see the B.S. Brass Band and we were right there amongst 'em. I was jiving basically for three more hours until my feet felt ready to fall off and then we hitched a cab home. In conclusion I suggest that everyone look into these guys. They are quite talented musicians and super fun to see live.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So.....Over a month. I'm officially the most non-prolific blog writer of the century. Lots has happened in the past month but I'm deciding to skip over it all and start fresh.

I'm submitting a short story to The Texas Observer this weekend. Hopefully it will win and be published in their  magazine. It's called Archway to Adulthood so we'll see. My concern is that I feel it is a bit immature but Peter assures me that, that doesn't matter. Also we are planning to go Kayaking this weekend out in the 'Burbs. Fun stuff for sure. Other than that I just wanted to pop in and say hi and let all of my avid followers (Dad and Josie) know that I haven't given up the blog, only been a bit distracted.

I feel that this blog doesn't have a very good focus but so far I kind of like the diary style as I have nothing else in my life that I write with such abandon carelessness. I needed a free space to just let out junk I suppose. Chicago is dreary today and that's always great in the spring time. I nice over cast rainy day to make you really appreciate the sunshine. I'll let you all know the outcome of my submission when I hear something but expect to see more from me on these pages as well. Ta ta for now.