Sunday, June 16, 2013

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

As my husband has now been in San Francisco for 6 days I know all too well how much faster time progresses when he's here. Our Sundays would jettison by like yearling fawns in the new fallen snow of love and happiness. Now the days ache by like a cancer. Each minute turned into an abnormal cell of pain and loneliness compiling to make hours of malignant melanomas in my life. Sorry for the dramatic metaphors dear readers but being apart from Peter has proved to be a great deal more difficult than originally anticipated. It's not that I don't have enough to do, believe you me, there are projects and writing galore to do around here with no distractions. It is just that all of those things are more fun when he's around. That's probably the reason I married him! Cooking for one has proved to be disastrous as I have throw out more food in the last week than I have in the last three years. Trying to sleep is futile and as of this evening I will be on a strict regimen of herbal teas and warm milk two hours prior to bedtime. Although this approach may result in bed wetting I'm willing to do extra laundry for some respite. If any of you out there in the web-o-sphere have suggestions on how to deal with distance I'm all ears!

Monday, June 10, 2013

30th Birthday Extravaganza!

This weekend was a whirlwind of excitement starting with Peter surprising me by having our friend Jason arrive on my actual birthday Thursday June 6th. Unfortunately all these plans were made before we knew that this would be Peter's last weekend in town, but it was better this way because otherwise I just would have sat around sulking and crying all weekend, while staring wistfully at Peter's glorious beard.

Thursday we just hung around the house with our friends Jason and Kabir, been seeing a lot of them lately ;-)
Friday Peter came with me to work and we had a magnificent day with the little one. That evening Peter took me to dinner at Store Front Company in Wicker Park. We had a delicious tasting menu with wine pairings to go with. I highly recommend it. The sommelier has an excellent sense of flavor and the chef a great love for edible flowers. As we were leaving the restaurant we heard a marching band playing on the corner and they were drawing a crowd to come up to a loft for their show. We went and it was a wild party with the band dancing and singing very New Orleans style. Lots of good loud cheer type singing where you repeat back what the MC is yelling. I got put in the middle of the stage and played to because it was my "birthday".

Saturday Peter had planned out a full day of surprises. First we road our bikes to Campbell Forrest Preserve which is only about 10 miles from our front door. We biked a little on the trails through the woods and then went swimming at an amazing pool with water slides. Later in the afternoon a few of our friends met up with us and we ate at Glenn's Diner which one of my favorite food show hosts Guy Fieri recommends. It also like Friday's meal did not disappoint. We rounded out the evening by going to a bar with a ping pong table and a pool table two of my favorite games and then a second bar with BIG BUCK HUNTER! That's right people the greatest video game ever invented. My husband knows me very well and did a wonderful job of making my 30th birthday the best ever.

Yesterday we went to Rib Fest in Irving Park and ending up seeing a band from Peter's home town play. We had no idea they were from Regina until half way through the set and then through further investigation we found out that Ian's older brother was teaching at the school where they lead singer was a student. Small world.

Today he left on a plane and I will be quite lonely for the next few weeks.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Getting the Kid out

Today is the last day ever of my twenties. It's a little scary as I recall being 15 and thinking 30 was SO old! It doesn't feel so old although I am still recovering from a long weekend in Detroit with my friends Kabir and Jason. Whew, do they know how to have a good time or what?

Kabir, Peter and I left after work Friday evening and drove to The D arriving a little after midnight. As we haven't seen our friend Jason in nearly three months we stayed up until 3 in the morning catching up.  Saturday we went to the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle. Car races are LOUD and I have had trouble all week hearing my darling little Adlyn over the buzzing in my ears.

After the time at the track we went out to dinner and then bowling. I did not lose but also did not win. I believe Kabir was the big winner with 97 points. We certainly are not good bowlers by any means but we had nice time.

Below is a photo of us Saturday morning at a dive bar/restaurant in downtown Detroit called Grand Trunk. I should never had left that place without a shirt. They had cool ass shirts.

I will have to ask Kabir to forward the best photos which were taken at the track. They had a "Family Fun Center" there with at least 12 different adult sized bouncing castle type structures. My eyes lit up when I saw the three story tall inflatable great white shark slide. Jason and I ran to the end of the line being the tallest and oldest ones within a twelve foot radius we asked if adults were allowed.  The teenage carnie told us yes with a not so subtle roll of his eyes. We shrieked with excitement! There are a few photos of us coming out of the mouth of the beast at the bottom of the slide.

We also partook in an inflatable obstacle course wherein a child cut in line in front of me and his parents let him. When I protested his mother stared hard at me and said "You're not a parent?"

"Nope!" I beamed with pride and I pointed to Jason and said "Me and this guy are gonna race!"

She couldn't get her son out of my way fast enough.