Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Long time no post...eh? My new job is keeping me pretty busy. The kids are fantastic but the extra time and effort I'm putting into figuring out marketing is killing me. Basically we started out the school year with our lowest enrollment ever and I'm trying to find a way to increase enrollment 50 %. Not an easy task but one I relish in taking on.

I have been teaching a cooking class once a week (so two weeks in a row). Last week we made balsamic rosemary chicken, sauteed green beans, and wild rice. This week we made homemade mac n cheese. The kids are enjoying getting there hands dirty and I'm enjoying them enjoying my recipes.

Today while we were sitting around eating our mac n cheese I was asking what everyone wanted to make next week. Someone threw out tacos and another little girl age 6 said, "I don't want to make tacos they are so easy and I like a challenge." So awesome!

The Springsteen concert was a blast to say the least. Here are a few pictures from the event. The photos I took during the show did not turn out so well as we were VERY far away.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Disappointment City, Population: Chicago

I have returned early from a cancelled Flugtag Festival.

For those of you who are unaware the Flugtag Festival is an event sponsored by RedBull where they launch man powered size and weight limited flying contraptions from a tall ramp over water. The first one I attended was in Austin in 2001 or 2002 I'm not really sure which year but it was amazing. The event this year in Chicago was cancelled due to "unsafe marine conditions". Too bad too because the day is sunny and perfect with temps in the mid 70s.

The saddest part of the cancellation is that they were destroying the flugtags. Dozens of people were standing around watching as they crashed through each paper mache-plywood-pvc pipe structure with a backhoe. Tears streaming down little children's faces and the stink of discouragement  hung heavy in the air as we all watched them demolish a bat being ridden by Harry Carey. It was a cheerless display to say the least but I did manage to get a few shots of the hot air balloon flugtag.

The second photo is the extermination site and the third photo is our sad faces at the news. Peter even dressed up for the occasion.

Happy Bruce Day!

Yesterday I completed my first week as school staff. It was just as fantastic as I expected but more to come on that later. I have been so busy this week I haven't been able to document how much fun Peter and I had last weekend with my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins.

My cousin Caitlyn is playing volleyball for UT Arlington and they had a tournament this past weekend at UIC. Her parents John and Mari decided to use the long weekend and come visit and go to her tournament as did my other Aunt and Uncle, Margaret and Kevin. They brought there two little girls, who are both young enough to be my children, Grayson and Addison. It's amazing actually I have cousins that are 24 and 27 years younger than me. 

Caitlyn, being a freshman, didn't get much playing time but it was fun watching and rooting for her team. When she did get in to play she dominated serving and made quite a few good "digs" I think they are called. 

Here she is smacking the ball mid-air to sail across the court for a perfect serve.

I love playing tour guide when people come to town. Saturday morning we all met at an Irish bar at 8:30 to try and watch Notre Dame play, Kevin's Alma Mater, the game was being broadcast live from Dublin. Unfortunately the bar we chose to go to would not allow the little girls in because and I quote "It's a liability for us with all these crazy college kids."

So, forgoing the spectating, we went to brunch around the corner, at Brunch, and then headed to Caitlyn's game. After the morning game John, Mari, Peter and I went to Navy Pier where there was a advertising promotion happening for Orville Redenbacher. John really wanted a pair of the glasses they were giving away but to get them we had to be recorded performing a "talent". There were basketball's to be spun, pins to juggle, a ventriloquism dummy, hula hoops, bongos, and many more items. The four of us signed the rights to our video away and commenced to make idiots of ourselves for 30 seconds BUT it was worth it as you can see.

They gave us bow ties as well. 

Saturday evening we watched another one of Caitlyn's games and then all went out to dinner. Sunday morning we got up and went with Margaret, Kevin, and the girls to the aquarium. Then we all met for lunch at Pizano's and Mari and John had to leave town. Sunday evening Peter and I made dinner for Kev, Marg and the girls and it was a very lovely visit. All in all it was a fantastic weekend and I thank all of my family for coming to Chicago.

Tonight Peter and I are going to see one of the greatest musicians of all time, THE BOSS. This will be my second time to see Bruce but it will be Peter's first so expect a full report soon.