Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The New Adventures of Peter and Katherine

Big news, and the reason I haven't been posting lately, is because all of my free time has been devoted to house hunting and now house business. YES Peter and I are in process of buying a house. Tomorrow is the inspection and the attorney review should be done by the end of the week. The closing date is not till the end of March so it will be a long two months for us. I do have some photos but unfortunately it is illegal for me to post them on the internet without direct permission from the owners so I will just ad a link to the property listing online. That might disappear some time soon though.


The one thing we have done recently that isn't house related was this weekend at Navy Pier an event called Snow Days Chicago was held. It was a snow sculpting competition with 15 adult teams and around 12 student teams participating.

The above photo is the winning sculpture. It is impressive but there were some that were even more amazing.  There was a Batman Vs. Jaws that was pretty stellar and my personal favorite was titled Feast or Famine and was a bear and eagle hunting salmon along a river. Crazily enough there were sculpture teams from all over the world. The furthest team came from Czech Republic and oddly enough Mexico City has a snow sculpting team. I imagine it's pretty hard to find snow there.

This city just keeps on getting better the longer that I live here and soon I'll be putting down permanent roots. From that girl who has moved 20 times in 10 years that seems crazy scary but also riveting.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Silly String Massacre

As promised some photos of the Annual Wallace Family Silly String Massacre!!! I'm not sure when this tradition started (perhaps one of my regular readers *DAD* will fill me in) but we have been doing it for a number of years now. It's quite fun as you can see.

Above is my future sister in law Ali. Below is obviously Me and Peter.

Peter doing some clean up mid-battle which is really bad form :)

HA HA! The Camera guy was attacked by moi!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time Flies

So a whole week into 2013 and I'm just finding the time to sit down and asses how well I'm carrying out my New Year's resolutions.

I never make them because I always break them but this year I'm going to start eating healthier and drinking less. Two things that I should do anytime of the year not just at the beginning. So last week we had a guest (my best friend Ashley) in town so I gave myself a reprieve for her three day visit. I can't exactly eat healthy and not have drinks with my bestie in town. And then we were at my parent's for Christmas Part Duex over the weekend and other than steaks and fried catfish I did ok there. But the time has come for no more excuses. Last night Peter and I had sushi which is extremely healthy so we are on our way. I'll post some photos later this week of the silly string massacre at Chez Wallace.