Friday, July 20, 2012

More Summering

This past weekend my best friend Ashley came to Chicago for a visit. We went to the Field Museum, the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the Hancock Building, the horse race tracks in Arlington Heights, and to music in the park. I didn't take as many photo as I would have liked but here are a few. Next time we will document our adventures better.

This is the view from the ladies restroom on the 95th floor of the Hancock. I hear tell it's the best view of the city teehee!

Ashley and Peter riding the bus to one of our many destinations.

Ashley and myself in front of the horse stalls at the track. This is our we bought a horse face!

Ashley and Peter in front of the stalls. They did not buy a horse.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I have to retract my comment about shoddy police work. We did have two very nice police officers stop by our apartment to discuss the problem with our neighborhood drunk. However this was after I wrote to our Alderman. Alderpersons are basically city council members and the one that represents our neighborhood is Rey Colon. His last name has one of those fancy accent thingies over the second O but I don't know how to make them so no it's not Rey COLON like your bowels. I wrote him a very dramatic email via the powers of the internet and he responded by forwarding my feelings to the Police Commander of our district. SHE, which I LOVE that it's a woman, then sent two police officers over to our apartment to discuss the matter with us. The police officers were very helpful and friendly (although they did show up when I was in the shower). They explained to us that the problem, which I was already fully aware of, is that the storefront beneath our apartment "employs" the man to do odd jobs like lift heavy boxes. However, now that they have a specific complaint and incident to site they can and DID speak to the store about him. So far I have not seen him since our police visited and the dreck has not been collecting on our stoop as it used to either. If he does return (which I'm sure he will) we have a detailed plan of attack with the police force. I am happy and feel confident that we will eradicate this vermin from our front door. The rat, on the other hand, my have set up permanent shop.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

81 degrees and LOVIN' IT!

Earlier this week it was sweltering. I know for many of you Texas readers you are sneering at the screen right now but it WAS hot! Today it is fantastic and sunny with a  high of 81 and my legs are not sticking to my computer chair as I type. I moved away from Texas to get out of the heat and this week reminded me of just how awful it can be. Our 4th of July was fun, albeit plagued with triple digits, but exciting. Peter and I went to our friend Scott's apartment and watched the fireworks from the 4th floor 360 patio.  If you have never been in Chicago on the fourth of July it's a site worthy of the history books. For miles all you see is fireworks going off all over the city. Every neighborhood is ablaze with a rainbow of flashes and booms. I'm usually not much for fireworks but seeing a city of 6 million people all going bananas is pretty bad ass. Happy   Birthdays are to be extended to not only the nation but also my Grandma Bessie who turned 88 on the 2nd, my niece Coraline who turned 2 on the 6th, and my sister Mary who will be 21 (HOLLA) on the 10th. Hugs and kisses to you all!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shoddy Policing 'Round These Parts

I'm sure many of you know of our stoop dweller. I speak of him often usually in the form of a complaint. He has struck and this time it's personal. Yesterday afternoon our friend Wyatt came over to our place. We locked his bike inside the back gate of our parking lot where Peter and I lock our bikes everyday. The drunken menace happened to be sitting in the grass getting stoned with another foul friend of his. He made a few slurry comments and we headed inside. It got late and Wyatt stayed over in our guest bedroom and this morning his bike was gone. The iron fence that it was locked to had been cut and I assume it was a two man job hauling the bike up over the gate. Wyatt has filed a police report and I have called the police just this evening when I heard him yelling downstairs. The police have rolled by in their SUV twice now and told him to leave the corner but alas he is still there and yelling. If anyone has any advice on what we can do I would be all to happy too hear it. Also if you would keep your eyes open for Wyatt's bike he's offering a reward for anyone that turns it over. Here's the info: