Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shine a little light

Black light that is! Sunday Peter and I went to an indoor glow in the dark mini golf range with Nicole and Dan. It was a blast.

It was quite the adventure to get there as well. We biked 45 minutes to Norridge IL. It is one of those weird communities that considers itself a separate city but it is kind of surrounded by Chicago. It was a nice hot summer day and yet again Peter and I discovered parts of the city we had never seen before. In case you don't know Chicago is really really really big. Next time I'll try to remember to capture some of it via snapshot.

Saturday evening prior to exploits in mini medal play I took a culinary trip to Italy. I attempted to make homemade pasta with a rabbit stew. I've never made pasta or rabbit before and only one of them turned out well. I will definitely take another stab at pasta again soon (especially since we procured a pasta machine just for the occasion) and the rabbit was most excellent. Rabbit is a nice lean low cholesterol meat and it has a lovely subtle gamey flavor. It does taste (like so many others) like chicken. Once I have the recipes perfected maybe I'll shoot some photos into hyperspace here on the old blog.  

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