Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Karaoke Komedy & Kocktails

This past weekend our beloved comrade from Michigan Mr. Jason Rodnick was in the house!

Friday night we went bowling with Jason and Lacey tying it up for the win with big old 117. I love bowling but it is definitely a past time to partake in with a group of friends. Peter and I have been a number of times, just to two of us, and while we do have a good time it is much more enjoyable as a crowd function. There is this lovely divey place on Fullerton called Fireside Bowl. They used to have bands play on Friday and Saturday nights but I guess that is a thing of the past.

Saturday we spent the day working the yard and going to Costco. Contrary to popular belief, I do not spend ALL my free time getting my party on. Soon we will have some stunning herbs and veggies to munch on and I'll be sure and show the "fruits" of my labors here on these pages. After gardening and gathering things from the giant box store we partook in an engaging play called Death Defying Acts. It was actually three short plays written by Woody Allen, David Mamet, and Elaine May. They were all darkly comedic involving somewhat disturbing subject matter. My favorite of the three was definitely Woody Allen's Central Park West that was just dripping with New York high brow intellectual zeal as most of his work generally is. After the play we went out to a Karaoke bar and this happened!

So I did get my party on a little this weekend. Tune in next week for another recap of my upcoming weekend with Ms. Ashley Shaw.

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